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Forty one years ago, at the beginning of my medical diagnostic journey, I did not imagine it would become a lifelong passion and career.  Following a difficult course in nuclear medical technology where I met and was inspired by a gifted instructor; Ridgely Conant, I was on my way.  Ridge inspired me to master this daunting discipline and enjoy every minute in doing so.  Before starting my own business I spent four years as a sales engineer and later a regional manager of manufacturers of new medical imaging equipment.

In the 36 years since founding Diagnostix Plus, I have been blessed to visit nearly 50 countries in pursuit of helping clinical and commercial friends achieve their medical diagnostic technology goals. Managing the installation of the first PET and SPECT systems in a number of countries, where new equipment was never an option, is heartwarming.  Installing reconditioned systems bring reliable answers to tough questions about cancer and cardiovascular disease.  The patient  need not travel alone to a North American city for an expensive study.  Instead he, or she remains in their home town with their loved ones by their side. It is a wonderful gift to be a part of bringing  SPECT and PET to a city and country for the very first time.

Now, we begin a new era.  Working with our partner Becquerel and Sievert, we introduced Unleaded Radiation Shielding at the 2018 R S N A.  Radiation protection without lead toxicity is an exciting prospect.

Don Bogutski
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