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My satisfaction of being the Administrator & Trade-in Product Coordinator at Diagnostix Plus comes from contributing precise attention to our customers’ needs; allowing them to know they’re buying the right product and they will receive it in good condition in the least amount of time. My attention to detail also pays off with our suppliers. I take pride in making sure that all the logistical elements are in place for a smooth trouble-free de-installation and equipment removal.

Working at Diagnostix Plus for almost 3 years has taught me there is always something new to learn each day. The knowledge and experience I have gained from working here is something I will carry with me throughout my life. Diagnostix Plus is more than just a job to me. We are a family. Which is something that is very important to me as I am also a wife and mom of two little girls.  Personally, this year has been very eventful as I got married, bought a house, and had my second child. Diagnostix Plus has remained the constant for me throughout everything! A little interesting fact about me is that I was adopted from India at 11 months old. However, if you get to know me you will see that I am truly 100% a Jersey girl!

Amanda Petsch
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