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Founded in 1983, Diagnostix Plus has filled an important role in the nuclear medicine marketplace.  Mr. Bogutski, witnessing the emergence of private practice nuclear cardiology, established one of the first businesses able to provide pre-owned, affordable nuclear medicine systems to the nuclear cardiology practitioner.  It became obvious that providing cameras was not the complete solution.  The Company broadened its product line to include hot labs, stress test systems and processing work stations.  As word spread about this innovative and cost-effective method for acquiring needed nuclear cardiology imaging devices and ancillary equipment, Diagnostix Plus was asked to supply services to general nuclear medicine as well, and they did.

With the expertise developed at Diagnostix Plus, the company soon was selling nuclear cameras and accessories around the world and providing the support required to keep the installed base functioning and meeting a clinical need whether in the U.S., South America, Asia or Europe.

Early on, Diagnostix Plus recognized the environmental benefits when nuclear medicine technology is reconditioned and returned to the marketplace rather than ending in a landfill.  Reconditioning still useful cameras and accessories not only reduced the cost of equipment acquisition, it also conserved natural resources and energy needed to manufacture new cameras and accessories.

Diagnostix Plus has worked with medical facilities and companies supplying equipment and services. By supplying pre-owned, reconditioned systems for a fraction of the cost of new equipment, nuclear medicine services expand and reached to locations that otherwise could not afford to provide the needed diagnostic service without using pre-owned equipment from Diagnostix Plus. Through all these years, our founder has remained committed to one imaging modality, nuclear including SPECT molecular imaging and PET/CT.


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