List of ECAT ACCEL parts

List of ECAT ACCEL parts

Category: PET Accessories



10 bucket controller Exact LSO 3554545    CTI PN 1010166C


 70 Exact LSO Analog Processor PCB 3554552  CTI PN 1010172 REV A


60    Accel LSO Detector Block 8727195 / Cable  CTI PN 320196600 REV K

        Gantry Control Panel Left 3553445  

        Gantry Control Panel Right 3553463

        Lossless Coincidence Processor PCB  3547440

        High Resolution Gantry Controller PCB 2954613

        Fast/Slow Rod Source Motion Controller 3550915

        Fast Septa Motion Controller PCB  3550162

        Fiber Translator 921 ACS PCB   3551335

       RTS Injector Monitor PCB ACS1000 Plane 2951809

       Fiber Translator PCB ACS 3551335

       Quiet Rod Source Motor 2977655

       Fast Septa Gear Motor/Encoder 3550170

      ACSII Rot Rod Converter 922  3550535

      High Voltage Supply Retrofit Kit  8077492

     Lambda 24 VDC Power Supply  3550980

     Spellman Power Supply X3154  CTI 323060300 REV B No SIE PN

    Solenoid Valve CTI 323034900 No SIE PN

     Liquid Uniformity Phantom with fill syringe no part number.

     4MM Desktop DD3 Tape Archive Globalstore 8077534

     Optical Archive Globalstore No PN

      SUN VGA/DVI LCD Flat Panel Monitor Qty 2  8078631

     Sun Ultra 60 CREATOR 3D Workstations (Qty 2) 8077617

     Sun Ultra 10 CREATOR 3D Workstation no PN

     Sun Ultra 10 ELITE 3D Workstation no PN


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Category: PET Accessories