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Whether General Nuclear Medicine or Nuclear Cardiology, Diagnostix Plus can supply a quality package to meet your need at affordable prices.


Complete SPECT/CT & PET/CT Camera Systems

No matter the manufacturer, we provide our customers with Best-In-Class SPECT/CT and PET/CT systems – used or reconditioned, all at a fraction of the cost of new. Today, reconditioned cameras make environmental as well as economic sense.  Why pay more for new?  You aren’t reimbursed more for spending more. Call us today, in order to take advantage of more than 35-years of experience to make the best economic and environmental choice for your practice.


When reconditioned equipment won’t meet your clinical needs, we offer new, variable angle, whole body and dedicated cardiac SPECT cameras.  These cameras are developed and manufactured by DDD (Digital Diagnostics, Denmark).  DDD has long been a supplier to the nuclear medicine community through OEM’s. Our point of sale relationship with Universal Medical Resources, we offer the DDD cameras at the same attractive price. Call us to learn how these cameras can exceed your clinical demand.


Diagnostix Plus is a market leader with pre-owned PET and PET/CT equipment. Our expertise and understanding of the market made it simple for us to move into this developing area. While everyone else was wondering about the new PET market, we were investing and installing pre-owned PET and PET/CT systems.


Nuclear Medicine Accessories

If you’re not ready to buy another SPECT camera but need to upgrade or add to your nuclear medicine equipment, Diagnostix Plus can help with an innovative rental program: SPECT Sense. 


Hot Labs


Collimators & Carts

Cardiac Gates

Patient Tables

Image Processing Stations

Radiation Monitoring Devices



As a point of sale distributor, we’re able to provide you access to the world’s largest inventory of pre-tested and certified parts for SPECT/CT and PET/CT camera repair.  If you’re an engineer and you require parts, try Diagnostix Plus first.


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Exclusively Servicing the Nuclear Medicine/Molecular Imaging community for over 35 years!


Diagnostix Plus focuses on providing low cost affordable camera systems and nuclear medicine accessories.  If you need a camera, camera accessories, or other nuclear medicine components, we have new and reconditioned inventory to meet your budget requirements.

Reimbursement never increases, so why pay more for the equipment and accessories you need?


Whether General Nuclear Medicine or Nuclear Cardiology, SPECT/CT or PET/CT, we understand your needs and what you need for quality clinical and financial outcomes.  Purchase, lease or rent - we have the programs to underwrite your financial success.


Contact us today and make the most of your limited nuclear medicine budget tomorrow!

We also buy used equipment and accessories. Contact us for an immediate quote on your used equipment.