About Diagnostix Plus

The Diagnostix Plus Mission

Don Bogutski

Diagnostix Plus was founded by Don Bogutski to focus on nuclear medicine, not as a broker

but as an expert supplier of pre-owned and new nuclear medicine equipment and services. 


 Since 1983, under Don's guidance, the Company has supported general nuclear medicine and nuclear cardiology by acquiring high value pre-owned nuclear medicine imaging devices for those involved in the  business of providing nuclear medicine imaging services.Our goal then and now is to provide access to  clinically current cameras at reasonable prices. Our business quickly expanded as we reached across the  USA and eventually across the world. 

Arab Health Exhibition held in Dubai, UAE, from January 26-30, 2009, Don Bogutski speaks ...

It didn't take long before the Company expanded into the acquisition and sale of parts and accessories (computers, hot labs, stress systems, monitors, ECG triggers and all sorts of necessary components).  Today, with the help of our partners, we are a large provider of complete turnkey nuclear imaging systems,  individual components, parts, service and business planning support.

 We recognized very early on that to provide the best equipment and services at reasonable prices we had to team  with the best local companies, close to our customer's installation. Although we are a small company, our partner companies are always close to the buyer.Our business model keeps costs low for our customers while service response is always high.  Business planning consulting is also available from Diagnostix Plus. 

In 2003 we teamed with Proactics Consulting  so our customers could have a business planning resource available to them. Proactics has worked with many of our customers to support their decision making and planning process.Diagnostix Plus measures its success based on the customers who recommend us to others or who return over the years to replace equipment or expand capabilities.Earning and keeping each customer's trust is what we work for everyday.